What you Need to be HEARD!

SD2 is an app that you can download for Android or iPhone. It allows you to easily amplify your voice via a microphone clipped onto a mask or clothing. Your voice is then heard via your phone speaker or a Bluetooth speaker connected to your phone.

No need to remove your mask to be heard! No more muffled mask voice.

Be heard and be safe!


  1. We have a patent pending for the utility patent.
  2. An in-depth search concluded that there are NO other options like SD2 available!
  3. Our solution is compact, user friendly and cost effective for all users.

“A novel voice amplifier is disclosed that amplifies volume of a human voice from a microphone through a mobile device by utilizing a speaker that is communicably connected to the mobile device. In some embodiments, the voice amplifier is implemented as a mobile application (hereinafter “mobile app”, “voice amplifier mobile app”, or “SD2 Voice Amplifier mobile app”) that runs on a smart phone to purely amplify a voice of a user from a wired or wireless microphone.”

Quote from patent submission



SD2 is an application that can be downloaded from your android Play Store or the iPhone App Store. You will need to purchase a wireless or wired microphone to use with your app to complete the solution. Below are some links for different microphones that we have tested and work well with the SD2 application.

There are a variety of Bluetooth speakers that you can also use with SD2. Follow manufacturer guidelines for use with Bluetooth speakers.

Note: You cannot use earbuds with this application. The idea of SD2 is to amplify your voice so that others can hear you clearly not to amplify your voice into your own ears.

Wireless Microphone
Wireless Microphone
Wireless Microphone – iPhone/iPad
Wireless Microphone – iPhone/iPad

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